Time Starvation



There ain’t none of it here.  It seems to be generally agreed upon by us design students that only we can understand what it means to truly “have no time.”  When most people say that they “don’t have time” it usually means that they have a busy day at school or work and a relatively small amount of time to relax, watch a sitcom on TV, do basic errands, etc. “Not having time” within design school studio culture has a more insidious meaning.  It refers to the notion that sleeping more than  five hours per night makes you a slacker, and doing anything outside of school during the week – paying bills, washing clothes, eating a decent meal – is anathema.  Relationships fall apart, bodies and minds are beaten with exhaustion, and beyond a certain threshold of days without sleep the stalking shadow of madness is glimpsed on the horizon.  Every action, every decision, is rigorously weighed on the balance of Time, with the mass of the Deadline hurtling forward like an incoming asteroid.

Now back to work – models will be critiqued in the morning.