Staten Island Project: Site Visit

Yesterday my class visited Staten Island to explore the damage wrought by Hurricane Sandy and to begin formulating ideas for a new project.

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Photos by Thomas Grant MacDonald | 2013 | All rights reserved


A wooden model made in a landscape architecture program at the University of Pennsylvania

Work by Thomas Grant MacDonald | 2012 | All rights reserved

I made this model as part of the mid-review presentation I will be giving tomorrow.  It investigates how connections can be made between the water and land at my project site.

Making a Model with the Laser Cutter

This is the first time I’ve used a laser cutter, and it was amazing.  What would have taken me countless hours to produce by hand using a jigsaw took about 15 minutes on the laser cutter – and I wasn’t even there while it was cutting.




Ringing Rocks and Mariton Wildlife Sanctuary Field Report

Ring my Diabase

A Field Report by Tom MacDonald

Ringing Rocks Ecology Report
“Our trip to Ringing Rocks Park in Buck’s County began with a tree species identification test…”

Hawk Mountain Ecology Field Trip

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Photographs by Tom MacDonald | 2012 | All rights reserved.

Landscape architecture school – better than accounting school.