work by thomas grant macdonald | 2015 | all rights reserved


Getting Chunky

One of my favorite methods of representation learned here at Penn is the “Chunk.”  It provides an opportunity to delineate section, plan, program, and spatial experience but maintains a certain interpretive looseness that Photoshop renderings can lack.  The below chunks were produced as part of a second semester studio project based in Staten Island, and seek to talk about the way that varying levels of water might alter the program and circulation of a single area of parkland.  Their initial forms were influenced by this plaster model study.


Work by Thomas Grant MacDonald | 2013 | All rights reserved

Basic RGBWork by Thomas Grant MacDonald | 2013 | All rights reserved


*Author’s note: Some elements of these chunks, particularly the text, don’t make complete sense because I haven’t had a chance to finish them up. They will be updated soon.