re-imagining the pop-up park…

IMG_2521-1600px GRAYSCALE 2015-04-06


work by thomas grant macdonald, 2015, all rights reserved

Sketches from Scandinavia

I produced these sketches while on a recent summer study-abroad course in Scandinavia. It’s interesting how much your spatial awareness can be improved through this type of sketching – I now often find myself considering how the perspective of a place changes as I move through it, and am more aware of scale. Aside from fostering a better reading of existing spaces, this type of sketching improves a designer’s ability to envision and represent spaces when approaching new projects.  What a difference this type of perspective-driven, experiential conceptualization is from working in Rhino or AutoCAD!




Work by Thomas Grant MacDonald | 2013 | All rights reserved

Architectural Drawings

Today I tried to raise some money for the non-profit I’m developing by selling architectural drawings to tourists around Philadelphia.  I only had one donation of $5, but even that felt good.  Plus I made some cool drawings.

John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge and Bartram’s Garden