A ‘mobile pin-up’ at the Navajo Technical University in Crownpoint, New Mexico.  Here our class presented the semester’s initial ideas to the Navajo Nation housing authority and head of engineering.  The projects were well-received, and I think we have influenced thought on the city’s future growth even at this early stage…

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work by thomas grant macdonald, 2015, all rights reserved


Presentation on Peter Walker and Keyaki Plaza

Earlier today I gave a presentation on influential landscape architect Peter Walker.  Despite having little time to do research and put this presentation together, I feel that my partner and I did a good job.  The first half of the presentation is mine, with my partner contributing to the latter half.

Peter Walker Presentation, Focus on Keyaki Plaza 

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(I realize that there are a few unlabeled/mislabeled slides, these will be soon corrected and the PDF reposted.)