Revisiting and reconceptualizing a project from last semester.  My aim is to reinvigorate this outdoor mall in Gaborone through the provision of a shade-giving, topographically interesting landscape intervention that also provides support for the wifi-generation and start-up businesses.  Ideally this can all be accomplished through a move that “brings the mountain to the plaza,” however this first pass doesn’t feel right to me… I think it’s too much of a one-liner.  Perhaps the trick is adjusting the the plaza’s ground plane to create a field vs. a set of objects, while managing not to rip apart the plaza’s beautifully interpretive flatness…



work by thomas grant macdonald, 2015, all rights reserved

Failed Rendering

Work by Thomas Grant MacDonald | 2013 | All rights reserved

Work by Thomas Grant MacDonald | 2013 | All rights reserved

This rendering was supposed to express a juxtaposition between quiet, ecologically rich space and the bustling movement of nearby sports fields and dense urban fabric.  Unfortunately I used too wide of a lens angle when exporting from Rhino and the perspective did not translate.  I think it might have to do with there not being any points of scale reference across the open field.

I guess they can’t all be winners.  Onto the next.