Ecology Field Trip: Island Beach State Park, NJ

Ecology Field Trip: Island Beach State Park, NJ

Photo by Thomas Grant MacDonald | 2012 | All rights reserved


Studio 501-001: Landscape Section Drawings

Here are scanned images of sectional hand drawings I did for a studio project I am currently working on.

Work by Thomas Grant MacDonald | 2012 | All rights reserved

Making a Model with the Laser Cutter

This is the first time I’ve used a laser cutter, and it was amazing.  What would have taken me countless hours to produce by hand using a jigsaw took about 15 minutes on the laser cutter – and I wasn’t even there while it was cutting.




Litmus for Landscape

A litmus test for a successful work of landscape architecture:

Does it fulfill the human need and inspire the human spirit?

Does it empower the systems of nature from the soil up?

Does it appear beautiful to Man, bee, bird, and wolf?


Ringing Rocks and Mariton Wildlife Sanctuary Field Report

Ring my Diabase

A Field Report by Tom MacDonald

Ringing Rocks Ecology Report
“Our trip to Ringing Rocks Park in Buck’s County began with a tree species identification test…”

Hawk Mountain Ecology Field Trip

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Photographs by Tom MacDonald | 2012 | All rights reserved.

Landscape architecture school – better than accounting school.