Hardest Working Man in Show Business

             “You gotta use 

                what you got

                  To get

                     what you want.”

1280px-James-Brown_1973– James Brown

Woodworking Project

One of the many projects that I’m currently working on for Studio is the development of a measuring device that can be used to create an orthographic projection of a found object.  My object is a rock, and my measuring instrument will involve a grid of perforations through which pins can be inserted.  As the pins meet with the object held within the assembly, measurements will be taken and sections can be drawn.  From these sections an orthographic projection will be produced.  Hopefully.

Presentation on Peter Walker and Keyaki Plaza

Earlier today I gave a presentation on influential landscape architect Peter Walker.  Despite having little time to do research and put this presentation together, I feel that my partner and I did a good job.  The first half of the presentation is mine, with my partner contributing to the latter half.

Peter Walker Presentation, Focus on Keyaki Plaza 

Please request permission before using or distributing this work.

(I realize that there are a few unlabeled/mislabeled slides, these will be soon corrected and the PDF reposted.)

Ecology Sketches

Every Tuesday my Ecology class takes a trip to various parks and nature preserves to study local ecology. Here are some sketches from last week’s trip to Fedrick D. Roosevelt Park south of Philly.

In the Studio

Our class’s current studio project focuses on Bartram’s Garden, one of the first botanical gardens established in the New World.  So far the project has involved walking the site, sketching, taking of measurements and creating triangulations, drawing sections, developing a photo montage, and designing and building a device to measure objects found on site.

Despite seemingly working around the clock for the past three weeks, I am behind in my project.  I feel like a big part of this is due to leaving class to eat and get coffee.  I know that I need to make a huge amount of food at the beginning of each week and eat lunch in the student lounge area… I just don’t have time to make the food.

Below is a picture of my photo montage concept in its draft stage.  I put this together today and am happy with how it is moving along.  Sorry for the poor image quality, someone please send me an iPhone 4s.